48 Hours in Havana

by Caitlin
tall apartment building along the side of a street with electrical wires in Havana, Cuba - The Country Jumper

Cubans don’t look any one way but somehow they can still pick me out as a foreigner.

Old cars mean bad emissions, air quality isn’t the best.

Wi-Fi zones are busy, but where do I buy a Wi-Fi card?

Fishnets are still in fashion.

Street dogs aren’t scared of humans, generally speaking.

But there are a lot of street dogs.

There are people everywhere, always.

So much noise.

Walk in whichever part of the street you want.

There are shops, you can get things.

For me, flashes of Vietnam.

The give directions in ‘maybes’ which is as confusing as it sounds.

Do people buy Mount Blanc in cash?

The grandeur that was, still is, in places.

 I really want eggs.

The creatives of the world always find a way.

This city definitely never sleeps.

Cubans love soft serve ice cream.



First impressions are everything. Here is what I thought doing my first 48 hours in Havana, Cuba. Are you headed there? Click to read what to expect. #cubatravel #traveltips #havanacuba

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