Visiting Cies Island

by Caitlin
Beach - Visiting Cies Island
Visiting Cies Island

Cies Island


15 kilometers from Vigo, on the Atlantic coast of Galicia is where you have the chance of visiting Cies Island.


Visiting Cies Island

Me walking on that beautiful Cies beach


No inhabitants. Camping by permit only.


Visiting Cies Island

Queen of the mountain


Ferries run daily from the port of Vigo.


Visiting Cies Island

A room with a view


Two lighthouses make for great, short hikes.


Snaps with a view - Visiting Cies Island

From the top!


Cies is just one of the many reasons to visit Galicia.


Neighboring islands - Visiting Cies Island

A neighboring island


A handful of little beach bars are open seasonally.


Visiting Cies Island

By the Lighthouse


There are whispers in the community that the boats have been over selling tickets bringing more tourists to the island than it can handle.


Beaches and water Cies Island

Cies Island


Locals are pushing for UNESCO listing and protection.


Checking the view

I spy with my little eye


Stay on the mainland in the small city of Vigo at Hotel Puerta Gamboa, right near the port and the sea.



One of the beaches on Cies




Posing on a rock

King of the hill!


But protect and respect.


Cies Island lighthouse - Visiting Cies Island

The end point of our hike on Cies Island


You won’t regret it!


Cies Island

Cies Island



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