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Trip Planning

Having traveled all over the globe, I am no stranger to what it takes to put together an itinerary and all of the information you’ll need at your fingertips to make a vacation run smoothly.

I am now offering these expertise and experience to you. Whether you are off on a backpacking extravaganza or a few days away at the beach, I can put together an easy, followable guide for you.

How in-depth your itinerary goes is up to you. Maybe you just need some help researching a hotel or the best flight deals – I can do that. Or maybe you want everything spelled out: where to eat, where to stay, how to get to attractions, events that are on, how to buy tickets, all of it – I can do that too.

What I can’t do, is plan for regions of the world I’v never been to. Below is a break down of where I’ve lived and where I’ve visited. If your trip centers around these areas but has some outliers, I am glad to help, part of what I know how to do quite well is research.

Let’s talk!

A Few Trips I've Planned

Australia - 14 Days

Lindsay wanted to travel to her heart home of Australia for 14 days. On her to-do list was Sydney, The Blue Mountains, Melbourne, Uluru, and a yoga retreat in there somewhere.

Virginia to California - 5 Days

Driving cross-country, Sandra needed to make her way from Fontana to Fredericksburg. In addition to a break down of timings and mileage, she needed recommendations of where to eat along the way.

Austria & Switzerland - 15 Days

Kara-Anne was setting out to see the beauty of The Alps all throughout Austria & Switzerland. On her itinerary she wanted to stop in Salzburg, Hallstatt, and Innsbruck amongst other locations.

Where I've Lived

✓ Australia

✓ Czechia

✓ England

✓ Ireland

✓ Morocco


✓ The U.S.A.

✓ Vietnam

Where I've Been

✓ Austria

✓ Belgium

✓ France

✓ Germany

✓ Hungary

✓ Iceland

✓ Italy

✓ Northern Ireland

✓ Norway

✓ Poland

✓ Portugal

✓ Scotland

✓ Slovakia

✓ The Netherlands

✓ Cambodia

✓ Indonesia

✓ Israel

✓ Japan

✓ Laos

✓ Malaysia

✓ Myanmar

✓ Philippines

✓ Singapore

✓ Thailand

✓ Canada

✓ Cuba

✓ Mexico

✓ The Bahamas

✓ Egypt

✓ Kenya

Solo Traveler Support

Thinking about a solo trip is the first step. And I’m so glad you’ve taken it!

As someone who has done the vast majority of her travels all on her own, I am a strong and vocal supporter of getting out there – and not waiting for a friend who might actually follow up on the promise to come with you!

All of that being said, it can be daunting – heading out on your own. That’s why I’m here to support you.

Whether all you need is a chat before, or as, you plan your trip to make sure you’re checking all the right boxes, or if you want someone who is at the other end of a message or a phone call 24/7, just in case, I can support you in this new and wonderful adventure you’re about to take on!

Solo travel does not mean you can’t have backup. And it does not mean you ever need to be alone.

If you’re planning your first or your tenth solo trip, get in touch and let’s talk about how I can support you to ensure your trip is as successful as can be.

Blog Editing

In need of someone to look over your writing before it goes out to your audience? Whether you simply need your grammar cleaned up or you want more in-depth support on constructing better content which more fully engages the reader – I would be delighted to work with you.

A bit of my CV:

  • I have taught English as a Second Language for more than seven years.
  • I have edited the content on Road Affair before it goes live for nearly two years.
  • I have worked with second language speakers on their M.A. creative writing applications
  • I have myself been an M.A. creative writing student and in that capacity worked on the editing and publishing of the cohort anthology.

I am available for a one-off task or to establish a long-term relationship so I am available to work with you on your content as you write it.

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