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by Caitlin
The best travel shoes


Around the same time I was on the lookout for the perfect travel backpack I was also hunting for the best travel shoes.

I was moving abroad and also spending significant time traveling, so I had some pretty specific needs. I made a list of what I wanted, here it is.


Specifications for the best travel shoes:

  • Comfortable enough to walk around a city for a full day and then again the next day

  • Nice enough to wear with a dress to dinner or a bar

  • Not too fancy for everyday use

  • Appropriate to teach in

  • A small heel

  • An open toe


Off I went to Zappos to order and return a plethora of shoes. Too big. Too narrow. Too grandmay. Too fancy. Too uncomfortable. If I said I tried 100 pairs of shoes I might not be exaggerating.

I was nearly defeated and ready to hop on my plane barefoot. But then, on a sunny May day in Montreal I wandered into a store and fell in love.



Cue Camper.

My black strappy Camper shoe and I have been together since 2013.

We’ve dined and danced together. We’ve worked together. We’ve wandered and gotten lost on cobble stone streets together. We’ve travelled Europe, Asia, and Australia.  These shoes have been through monsoons in Vietnam and beer coated covered clubs in Australia. They’re a hearty pair and have held up to my rough and tumble lifestyle.

The Campers I ended up with are about a 3 inch tall wedge and are as comfortable as can be – they’re the ones in the picture up top there. They’ve been nothing but kind to my toes and we’ve spent full days together and even then I was happy to spend the next together too.

Sadly my specific shoe is no longer offered by Camper but I’ve dug through their site for you to find some new styles which are similar to the ones I still wear.

black camper sandals

Source: Camper USA

camper black open sandals

Source: Camper USA











It’s true that Campers are an investment. But I’m her to tell you that they are an investment worth making. Six years later I can tell you that with a great deal of confidence.


Dr. Brinkmann

Fast forward four years. I’m still wearing my Campers, but I’m ready for a change. They’re holding up to the test of time and my lifestyle incredibly well, but I’m ready to switch it up. Plus, I’ve kind of moved on from always having a heal.

So I’m in Krakow, Poland when my mom and I stumble upon a comfort shoe store. Usually she’s the one buying shoes. But I spot a pair I like, and when I spot a pair I really like, I don’t leave without them.

It’s now been two years and I wear my yellow Dr Brinkmann sandals, everywhere. They are comfortable as can be and have never given me a blister. They are reminiscent of Birkenstocks without being quite as back woodsy, and also not having the infamous break in time, read: zero blisters.

Another plus with these is that often in South East Asian countries, rooftop bars and the like will have footwear requirements which say basically, no sneakers, and no flip flops. These fit the bill which means I can walk around all day in them and go straight into the night time!

Dr. Brinkmann Ladies Lowbed in Yellow

Have you got your own favorite travel shoes which I didn’t mention here? Tell us about them in the comments section!

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