Thirteen Amazing Travel Professionals of Color to Follow

by Caitlin
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It is time to diversify your travel inspiration. Get to know 13 amazing travel professionals of color and go follow them.

2020 has been a year of upset, a year full of full-on attempts at change – attempts which have not gone unnoticed. One of those changes has been that the Black Lives Matter movement came to the forefront of culture, conversation, and the news.


The movement is not new – having first found light in 2013, but following the police murder of George Floyd on the streets of Minneapolis, the BLM movement gained a momentum it did not previously have.


Throughout the summer protests erupted across the world – from hundreds of cities across The U.S. to Australia and throughout Asia. It was an inspiring movement – a hopeful moment.


But my hope, and a hope that we all ought to have, is that this movement lasts beyond a moment. It is time.

My space is travel – my audience travelers. And so that is the space I have chosen to use because it is the space in which I have pull and clout. That does, of course, go along with an effort to spend my money in diverse ways and, most importantly, ways in which do not hurt communities. It goes along with my continued political activism, my volunteer work, and of course – voting.


So, as we move forward here, let us not kid ourselves. There is immense work to be done around the world. But, specifically in The U.S. we need stronger voter rights, we need criminal justice reform, we need universal healthcare, better education, and to end the school to prison pipeline – to name a few things.


But here, in this corner of the world. We can start by diversifying the voices to which we listen and the feeds which we follow.  It is time to pay more attention to people of color in the travel industry.

Some Statistics

Percentage of Population Who Take Multiple Trips Annually (2017)
Black or African American 50%
Asian 47%
White 43%
Hispanic or Latino 39%
$ 0 billion
Spent by African American Travelers in 2018

How to Support Creators

Before I introduce you to the amazing people who I am lucky enough to know through the travel industry – I want you to know the best ways to support them – and all creators.


Find all of their social channels - I'll link you below to Blogs, Instagrams, and Youtube channels. Follow all of these creators on your preferred platform (or on multiple if you use them).


Following is great - but likes, comments, shares, saves, are all excellent ways to keep these creators supported on the platforms which are always throwing new algorithms out and burying smaller creators.


Email lists are like blogger gold. I think you'll find that the vast majority of bloggers will not spam your inboxes. Instead, you'll get occasional behind the scene insights into the lives of travel pros.


I'm not telling you to follow people for any reason other than their content and perspectives being valuable. That means you should be going back. Again and again and again. In addition to the benefit you will gain - this is the surest way to support creators on all platforms.

While I have never personally met any of the creatives I am recommending, I have interacted with all of them beyond just likes and comments. We’ve DMed, chatted, and worked on projects together. I trust them to be authentically who they say they are and worthy of your ear.


Family travel & lifestyle

JaMeka is the creator behind the travel blog Ramnaths Away. She travels the world with her husband and son and focuses on inspiring you to do the same. Her four-year old has his own bucket list and is just as travel-crazy as his parents!

With content on five continents (hopefully South America is on that bucket list!), Ramnaths Away is a super helpful blog. Personally, I like this quick snippet on Punta Cana. I definitely want to get to the D.R. and love that there are horseback riding options!

Travel education & support

Sojourner runs Sojournies and already has a very impressive resume behind her. From study abroad, being granted a Fulbright, joining AmeriCorps, and earning her Master of Social Work – this woman is one to watch.

Not only can you read Sojourner’s awesome travel content, including advice on studying and interning abroad, but you can also hire her. She offers travel planning services, consultations for choosing fellowship or internship opportunities abroad, and content strategy support. 

Solo travel & planning

Merryl runs her travel blog Merryl’s Travel & Tricks from her current home base in Rome, Italy where she lives with her dog, Monkey. While she lives in a popular tourist city, Merryl seeks out off-the-beaten-path Italy.

Needless to say, Meryl’s blog has lots of great Italy info. Especially if you want to follow in her footsteps and find the “non-commercial” towns around the country. You might also have a go with this “What Italian City Should You Visit Based On Your Personality?” quiz Merryl created!

Long term & local travel

Kesi is an impressive long-term traveler. She’s been on the road for five years now. She works as she goes to pay her bills and goes on amazing adventures. She’s recently moved to Budapest to be with her S.O.

Kesi has an amazing energy on her Instagram and her blog. She writes clear and helpful posts and very much does not just say the same thing that’s been said a million times. I especially love her post on gorilla trekking! P.S. you may have seen Kesi around here with recommendations on things like packing tips!

Ethical travel & veganism

While Lola does run the blog Miss Filatelista, she is also an avid travel writer and has been featured in tens of publications like CNN and ELLE. She is a voice of expertise on many travel subjects such as sustainable travel options.

Lola has written helpful material on all six continents. She is part Uruguayan and is currently based in the country. When someone has spent that much time somewhere I tend to trust their insight, which is why I love her Uruguay guide to beaches. In addition, Lola does a great job of exploring sustainable options where she goes.

Expat life & travelling with MS

Brittany, the voice and face behind The Traveling MS, is originally from The Bahamas but theses days lives as an expat in Scotland. Brit was diagnosed with MS in 2016 but she has not allowed it to stop her adventuring around the world solo.

I love a blog that goes beyond hand-holding you around tourist spots and actually has life and personality. You will find both, in full force, on The Traveling MS. Just read the first sentence (and then the rest of) this post. You’ll also find tips on budgeting, volunteering, and of course – travel with MS.


Young travel creator & Tiktoker

Abena is a young traveler who posts lovely bright photos on her Instagram. She is a proud Gen Z traveler and as such is very active on Tiktok – go check her out there too! But, she’s recently started in on reels too.

Abena lives in London so she shares a lot of British content, but is also often traveling around Europe. Additionally, as a British Ghanian, Abena regularly travels to Ghana where she also went to boarding school. Basically, follow her and you’ll get all sorts of worldwide content!

Solo traveler & media analyst 

I was lucky enough to do a live once with Kelly-Ann. I so enjoyed chatting with her about travel and our experiences around the world. Kelly-Ann lives in Toronto and shares some wonderful Canada content. Beyond that she talks about what it’s like to travel (and live) with MS.

Kelly-Ann is a jet setter exploring so many corners of the globe. Keep an eye on her stories and IGTV to see where she gets to. And have a peek through her highlights to see where she’s been – places like Turkey, Egypt, Portugal, and Colombia.

Traveler & fitness coach

Sharita is hardcore #inspo! She is constantly sweating and showing you the workouts that get her that way. Sharita loves to travel as well so you’ll be getting that workout inspo from gorgeous spots around the world. 

These days, Sharita has based herself in Mexico – so insta shots and vids are often poolside. Can you say jealous? Also – if you’re Spanish speaking (or want to learn) Sharita does workouts in Spanish as well and has an entirely separate account for that. @hablaconsharita


Expat teacher & creative strategist

Latrice is currently based in Chiang Mai, Thailand where she teaches English to young Thai children. She is regularly taking trips to nearby gorgeous locations – lots of beach envy will be found on this account!

In addition to being in an amazing location and producing amazing content, Latrice helps you do the same. She regularly hands out super helpful, and totally free, tips on her stories. Whether you’re looking for ideas on IG growth or how to brand your new (or old) platform – talk to Latrice!

Online work expert & traveler 

Clem – based in Dominica – is a remote work specialist. If you’re looking to leave behind your stale office life and hit the road, Clem’s got you covered. From how to find the right remote job for you, to where to base yourself, the info is there.

Clem puts together a remote work directory so she does that heavy lifting for you. Along with what’s on her Instagram, Clem offers courses – some free, some paid – on things like how to make money and how to leverage the skills you already have to transform yourself into a remote worker. 

Travel blogger & expat

Zekarias, an American living in Amsterdam – is a joyful account full of stunning drone footage – photo & video – and calm insight. Zekarias does lots of solo travel, around Europe and beyond and is the only male I’ve got on this list!

Zekarias has got his bases covered. He is an active Youtuber who produces quality conversation style videos on topics like ‘Being Black in North India‘ and ‘How to Prepare for Solo Travel‘ but also actively blogs – usually on topics that compliment the vlogs he does. 

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It's time to diversify your feed! Get inspired by these 13 exceptional travelers of color - grammars, writers, bloggers, and videographers. Enjoy all they have to offer!

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