What Travel Looks Like in 2019

by Caitlin
What travel looks like in 2019

Two months down. 2/12ths of the way, 1/6th if you’re into reductions. Or, if you’re less of a fractions type of person and more into percentages, 16% (if you’re like no Caitlin, 1/6 rounds up to 17%, you’re not wrong, but neither am I, my fractions are based on months and my percentage is based on days – sorry not sorry).

Enough math?

O.K. what I’m getting at is this, we’ve seen a little bit of 2019, and those of us who are out on the road have seen what the road is tending to look like this year. Cause the things is, travel changes.

As trends come and go the way we travel, where we travel, how we travel, and what we do when we travel all shifts. Something as simple as the fact that five years ago fanny packs were for weirdos and today, in 2019 every single backpacker has one, worn across the chest mind you, is how travel changes.

I was curious, what beyond the fanny pack has changed? So I asked nine other travel bloggers out on the road what they think travel looks like in 2019. Here are their answers:


What does travel look like in 2019

Travel trends in 2019


The General Outlook:


Crowds, crowds, and more crowds. Tourism is at its peak and I’ll be in search of some off-the-beaten-path destinations to avoid them.

-Geena, Bartender Abroad


Backpackers are growing up, but they’re not casting off their adventurous spirits – ‘flashpackers’ and glamping are here to stay, and we’ll be seeing more rugged itineraries on a grown-up budget.

-Lisa, Rebellious Tourist


Backpackers in 2019

Up in the mountains – adventure and a backpack


Where People Are Traveling:


Whereas people were quite afraid and deterred from traveling to the Middle East for a while due to the terror climate, and western media over sensationalizing everything as always, more people are now venturing back to these countries. Through social media and travel bloggers embracing cultural differences, people are being reassured these places are safe and accessible. Beautiful Instagram photos of things like the balloons in Cappadocia, the pyramids in Egypt, and the desert oases in Oman reassure people that there is more beauty than things to be afraid of.

-Melissa, High Heels and a Backpack


“People are choosing destinations based on the food culture in those places; going to particular locations just to try a new food or sample a local delicacy.”

-Kate, Have Diapers Will Travel


Social media is everywhere, and—love it or hate it—instagrammability is everything

-Kaisa, Glam Granola Travel


Travel for food - 2019 travel trends



How People are Traveling:


House sitting is the perfect new way of travelling! In exchange for looking after someone’s house or pets, you’ll get to stay there for free – if you want to stay in a house next to a beach in Australia or in a modern apartment in downtown New York (or anywhere really) is up to you!

-Amanda, My Backpacker Life


Getting close to nature has always been in people’s instincts. However, with the world constantly rushing and the endless technology surrounding us every day, the trend of escaping the city and going off the grid for a few days to enjoy time spent outdoors, becomes more and more popular.

-Aga, Worldering Around


Graffiti and murals have always been popular but in recent years street art has become a real trend due to the Instagram culture. In 2019 more and more cities offer graffiti tours and authorities are starting to view graffiti in a more positive way and use street art to give a facelift and draw tourists to areas that used to suffer from neglection.

-Maya and Sari, Chasing Lenscapes


Responsible travel is trending for 2019. As awareness around climate change, modern-day slavery and other issues increases in the travel community, more and more tourists are paying attention to their impact. Whether it’s choosing a refillable water bottle over single-use plastic, or supporting local homestays over chain hotels, in 2019, expect to see these simple-yet-powerful actions become more mainstream.

-Emily, Wander Lush


Have you been out on the road already in 2019? What trends have you seen so far? We’d love to hear what else you’ve noticed, let us know in the comments down below!


Responsible travel is trending in 2019

Responsible travel is trending in 2019

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zanetabarancom March 30, 2019 - 7:51 am

Responsible travel is definitely something on the top now. Even myself, I started carefully choosing what I am buying and taking for travelling, I started even cleaning beaches whenever I see some trash. It is great trend, hopefully there will be more and more responsible travellers 🙂

Caitlin March 31, 2019 - 1:51 am

Thanks for your input! I think responsible travel is such a terrific trend we’re starting to see. But do you think it’s too little too late?


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