When Flights Go Long

by Caitlin
When Flights go Long

My trip was from Valence D’Agen, France to Malaga, Spain, just over 900 km as the crow flies.

Here was my plan:

13:00: Take train from Valence D’Agen

14:00: Arrive to Toulouse

Get bus from bus station to airport

14:40: Arrive to airport and check in

16:10: Board plane

16:40: Take off

18:30: Arrive to Malaga

Get train to hostel


Here’s what happened:

13:00: Take train from Valence D’Agen

14:00: Arrive to Toulouse

Get bus from bus station to airport

14:40: Arrive to airport and check in

16:10: Make first announcements about flight to Malaga. Many people line up (why are people always so eager to sit in a tin box with recirculated air for longer than they have to?!) but boarding doesn’t start.

16:20: Boarding still doesn’t start

16:40: Boarding starts, VERY slowly. Tickets are checked and people queue at a second door just behind the gate counter

16:50: I board

16:55: Announcement: Boarding completed, flight attendants appear to be in no hurry.

17:15: Announcement: We have to wait because the copilot hasn’t arrived yet. His flight from London was delayed so he’s not even in France at this point. Supposedly it should only be a 30 minute wait. On the plane.

18:00: Copilot boards to cheers from the passengers.

18:15: Take off

19:45: Announcement: Flight attendants prepare for landing

19:50: Announcement in French, shock and groans from passengers. Announcement in English: We’re being diverted to Seville, the Malaga runway is closed because of a ‘firetruck.’ No further information.

20:00: Land in Seville. Pilot announces that runway in Malaga was closed because a military plane had taken off and left debris behind, there was a queue of planes waiting to land but we didn’t have enough fuel to circle. Still no further information on how to get out of Seville. Asked to stay seated and wait for instructions.

20:15: Pilot announces: We will refuel in Seville and fly back to Malaga. 

20:45: Refueling complete, paperwork needed.

20:55: Two passengers have decided they want to get off in Seville, more paperwork. One girl appears to be having a panic attack. Pregnant woman begs for something to eat. 

21:10: Flight attendants open all over head compartments. As safety measure after someone disembarks the plane all the overhead bins have to be checked and passengers need to identify their luggage.

21:15: Take off from Seville

21:40 Land in Malaga

Get train to hostel



Flying can sometimes be a super big pain. Often, flights are delayed and things don't go as planned. Unfortunately, this happened to me on what should have been a very short flight in Spain. #flying #flights #spain #spaintravel

Unfortunately airline travel is not always seamless. Sometimes flights get cancelled, delays, or you might even end up at the wrong airport. It's pretty wild what airlines can get away with. #horrorstories #airlines #flying #travelfails














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