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by Caitlin
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So, you’re headed to Savannah, good choice. Luckily, the place is just overflowing with good eats. I honestly didn’t expect so many delicious meals, but when I started asking around about where to eat in Savannah, the suggestions were overwhelming. Lucky for you, I did the research (you’re welcome) and you get to reap the benefits (o.k. to be fair there were plenty of benefits for me too). Here you go, the best spots to eat in Savannah.


Looking just for things to do in Savannah? (don’t be silly, everyone’s got to eat!) But I’ve got that covered for you too…

The Warehouse Bar and Grille

18 E River St

With the self-proclaimed ‘coldest, cheapest beer in town’ The Warehouse is very much the locals bar. One big, dimly lit room, uneven floor boards, a single, unisex toilet, long wood tables, a pool table, and the best damn shrimp in town, recommended not just by me but also by the locals who know. The steamed shrimp, cooked and served in the shells as they should be, come tossed in the ‘secret’ sauce which is some sort of a mix with old bay making for a spicy bite. Order them in a half or full pound, and tuck a piece of paper towel into your collar before you get going, things will get messy. There is of course plenty else on the menu from burgers and hot dogs to salads.

Sample Pralines

Savannahs Candy Kitchen: 225 E River St & 318 W St Julian St

River Street Sweets: 13 E River St & 4515 Habersham

I wasn’t entirely sure what a praline was before I arrived in Savannah. Then I heard they had nuts in them, my least favorite food, and I wasn’t planning to be impressed. However, being the adamant eater that I am, I graciously accepted the first warm sample offered to me over the glass separating myself from the candy counter at Savannahs Candy Kitchen and sunk my teeth into something so exquisitely, disgustingly delicious. Nothing but sugar and butter and the tiny crunch of candied pecans. I was sold. I soon discovered that there are multiple Candy Kitchen’s around the city as well as a few River Street Sweets and you could waltz into each one at any time of any day and grab a free sample, before going on to the next one. And lucky for you, should anyone figure out you’re doing it, the south is the type of place where this type of self-indulgent sugar intake is strongly encouraged. So, sample on my friend. Sample on.

Sample Byrd’s Famous Cookies

6700 Waters Ave & 213 W Julian St & 423 E River St

‘Free samples’ is one of those phrases I’ll never tire of hearing. Especially when it involves a buffet. And that is exactly what you’ll find in Byrd’s Famous Cookies. Walk in to either of the two downtown locations and you’ll find a bar covered in jars of cookies for your sampling. Don’t leave without trying the Georgia Peach. It’s life altering.

Gallery Espresso

234 Bull St

Hipsters are in Savannah and the proof is in Gallery Espresso. Overpriced yet delicious coffee drinks. Mismatched yet purposeful seating. Scruffy students who don’t ever glance up from their computer screen. Intense bitcoin strategizing. Exposed wood. Gallery Espresso is a great place for a quick breakfast and coffee or an all-day café work session.

Sorry Charlie's neon sign


Sorry Charlie’s Oyster Bar

116 W Congress St

A great mix smack dab in the middle of the sliding scale, Sorry Charlie’s is somewhere between casual, stale beer stench bar and fancy, posh oyster and wine bar. Oyster varieties change daily, check in for $1 oysters at happy hour(s). There is also plenty else on the menu if you’re looking for options.

The Lady & Sons

102 W Congress St

Paula Dean comes home to roost at The Lady & Sons. Both a store full of products decked out in ‘y’all’s’ and a restaurant. If you’re in the restaurant, either order off the menu (there aren’t many choices) or head over to the buffet for an all you can eat $18. There’s fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, salad, and plenty more. If you’re aiming for an early dinner, say, between 5-7PM, you’ll want to make a reservation. If you’re ok eating a bit later you should be fine with a walk-in. Any big Paula Deans fan will want to pay a visit to her home base, otherwise this one can take a miss, there are better options in town.

Leopold’s Ice Cream

212 E Broughton St

Everyone, and I mean everyone, will recommend you stop be Leopold’s. They are famous for their ice cream, of course, and also their milkshakes. But they do serve food and you can have a sit-down meal, though with the ice cream crowds coming and going it doesn’t seem like the most appealing place to have a dinner. If you walk by and there’s no line out the door and down the block, seize the opportunity, it’s a rare one. If the lines are perpetually daunting, save your ice cream indulgence for the airport, where there’s a small Leopold’s kiosk with the same ice cream but fewer flavor options.

The Grey

109 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

Named after the Greyhound station that once called this building home, The Grey has repurposed the space into a high ceilinged, dimly lit restaurant where what was the waiting room is a bar and where as they say they ‘continue the building’s long tradition of transporting people to a destination, but that destination is now one of elevated hospitality and intrinsic satisfaction.’ The menu features a section each dedicated to pantry, water, dirt, and pasture and offers small plates as well as larger mains. Something for everyone and a pleasant, comfortable, yet unpretentious dining experience.

Savannah Taphouse

125 E Broughton St

In case you can’t go a vacation without watching whatever sports game it is you watch, you’ll find it on at Savannah Taphouse. Two floors plastered in TV screens showing just about everything will surely have what you’re looking for. There are plenty of beers on tap to choose from and a great bar food menu including wings and mac and chees egg rolls (get those!).




1213 US-80

Out on Tybee Island which, in season, fills up with tourists, head over to the locals watering hole of Huc-A-Poos. The walls and ceiling are covered in license plates, dollar bills, and scribblings. The tables are big, wood, and meant to be shared. The bar is full of year rounders who come in on their lunch breaks and order a beer and a slice of pizza, just as you should. And do order just a slice before you commit to more. A slice is about a quarter of what you would call a normal pizza. A full pizza is enough for a party.


I know I already mentioned it, but I wouldn’t blame you if you’ve been distracted by all the insane food I just laid on your plate. Once you’re done with all the eating (or before to give yourself an appetite) you might want to check in to what else there is to do in Savannah!

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Lorial Elizabeth Roballo February 5, 2018 - 8:23 pm

Honestly, Savannah was never really on my radar but after this post and your 10 Things to Do, I might go give it a visit! 🙂

Caitlin February 5, 2018 - 8:29 pm

You should! It’s a beautiful little U.S. city, the people are very friendly, the weather is perfect and there’s soooo much good food. Not much to get wrong 😀


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