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Thank you for considering me to be a part of your brand or company family.

Choosing to work with me at The Country Jumper is choosing to work with a politically and culturally aware professional blog brand which holds a track record of on-time deliverables to the exact specifications agreed upon with the hiring party.

Are you an individual looking for help planning a trip?

What I Can Offer You

Brand Campaign

Promotion across The Country Jumper blog and all social medias


Creation of written content for your site or any other platform.

Each brand is a bit different and needs vary from one company to the next.

Let’s take the time to chat about how I can best support you.

Media kit & pricing are available upon request.

Please feel free to reach out.

My Photography

When reaching out, please keep the following in mind:

Topics Which Fit

Topics Which Do Not Fit

Some Brands I've Worked With...

Bear Mountain Stables LLC Colorado Logo and name
Moss Beach Ranch Logo California
The Vermont Flannel Company

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