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My name is Caitlin.

I’ve been living abroad and traveling the world since 2011.

— all the while exploring the world around me, learning from locals, and sharing all about it with you!

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About Me

I’ve never had a corporate job to quit.

As soon as I finished college in 2011 in the US, I went overseas. Sine then I have lived and traveled all over the world. My official homes have included Ireland, Vietnam, Australia, Czechia, England, and now — since 2021 — Portugal.

Everywhere I have been I have observed and absorbed everything around me.

I love seeing the beauty of the world and visiting famous landmarks, but I also don’t think there is much better than sitting down for a glass of wine in a foreign city with someone you’ve just met and learning their story.

Everything on this blog is a reflection of a very real, lived experience by me.

I am so glad we’ve found each other.

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